Nicole Gulotta

Kind Words

I have always appreciated how Nicole brings a peace and stillness to the kitchen as she connects recipes with poetry. What a piece of art to have a book that delightfully marries the two.
— Sara Forte, author of The Sprouted Kitchen Bowl + Spoon
And that’s what Nicole is so good at: inviting us into the moments in her life—and even more, inviting us to make our own.
— Megan Gordon, A Sweet Spoonful + Marge Granola
Nicole is not preaching the gospel of a 30 minute meal. She’s not a chef whose sub-recipes have sub-recipes. Instead she’s an evangelist of the calming, attentive power cooking brings—choosing a peach, chopping parsley, gently cooking garlic until it’s just fragrant.
— Allyson Batis, Considering the Radish