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How to Make the Most of Time Away From Your Writing Desk

The life of a writer is peppered with milestones. Most are small, intimate moments, like finishing a first draft, outlining a memoir, or finding an agent. Sometimes, there are occasions suited for more public celebration, like publications of any sort, graduations, and awards. 

But what happens in-between a mundane moment like submitting poems to literary magazines and an accomplishment like signing the contract of your first book deal?

As much time as we devote to writing, we also spend many hours away from our writing desk. This is both a necessity for our wellbeing, and the responsibilities of our life that pull us from the page, like our day jobs, families, or volunteer commitments.

Writing, of course, involves a lot more than typing. And it's often a process of waiting for the next thing to happen while we go about our lives. 

This muddled, middle ground can be an uncomfortable space to be. Perhaps you've finished one project and are determining the next course of action. Or you've submitted an article to a website and are trying to stop yourself from constantly checking your email. We wait, we write, we wait some more.

So, what's a writer to do? 

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