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3 Mistakes Writers Make (and How to Avoid Them)

Earlier this year I signed up for the newsletter of a fellow creative. I loved her energy, and it seemed like she was everywhere, making things happen. She participated in conversations on Twitter, shared a long list interesting links in her emails, and created valuable content for her audience (both free and paid). She was really magnetic, and I always felt energized after reading her emails.

But then she disappeared.

She abandoned several projects-in-process, reduced her activity on social media, and eventually, took a month off to recharge.

In one sense, she was quite transparent about her process and updated us along the way, but from one creative to another, I felt an ache in my heart watching her attempt to create content at such an unsustainable pace. She went from sending two emails per week and churning out blog posts and workbooks to sleeping on the couch to recover.

She had so many amazing ideas. She wanted to inspire her community and provide tools to help them achieve their goals. But she didn’t have a sustainable system in place, and she burned out.

But there’s another way.

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