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The Ultimate Guide to Starting a Book Club at Work (+FREE Checklist)

Starting a book club sounds like a simple endeavor. The rules are simple: choose a book, pour wine, and talk about it, right? But if you’re planning to manage an office book club, there are a few more considerations (like looping in human resources!).

I’ve started three book clubs over the years, but I chaired this post the longest while working at a family foundation who supported humanitarian work in developing countries. During my first week, I asked the HR manager if there was a book club, and when she shook her head, I asked if I could start one. She thought it was a great idea, so I chose a book and sent an email around to the other 15 employees to see who might be interested. By the time I left more than five years later, the book club was still running, and our staff had tripled in size.

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