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11 Essential Ways to Practice Self-Care

Running from this to that. Buttering toast. Remembering to switch from slippers to flats. Remembering to take the laundry out of the dryer.

Making appointments, changing appointments, sitting in meetings. Thinking about taking a nap in the car.

Showering. Maybe shaving our legs, or maybe not.

Drinking lemon water on Monday, and on Tuesday. Forgetting the rest of the week, or being lazy because the lemons are not already sliced.

Putting pajamas on our kids. Changing diapers, singing songs, and laughing.

Falling asleep while holding our kindle, three pages in. Checking email one last time before setting the alarm. Doing it all again.

Does this sound like the pace of your days? I know it’s been mine, on occasion. 

But something’s missing. This isn’t the kind of frenzied pace that’s sustainable

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