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Why You Should Call Yourself a Writer (Even If You Don't Feel Like One)

I started doing yoga for one reason: my back hurt.

Wait, isn’t this a post about writing?

Yes, it is. Stick with me.

My back hurt because I was spending nearly two hours in the car every day commuting [link to commuting post]. What began as an experiment to see if this working arrangement might be tolerable gradually turned into chronic stress that manifested in several ways, including lower back pain.

Once I realized something needed to change, yoga seemed like a viable solution. It would help me unwind after a long day, stretch my body, and ease my mind.

Yoga soon became my exercise routine, self-care practice, and stress reliever. On Tuesdays and Thursdays—the night’s of my local class—I looked forward to yoga on my drive home (especially on the days when I was sitting in traffic and trying to distract myself with NPR or Adele’s latest single).

At the beginning though, I felt like my body didn’t get it. Mentally, I was there. Well, mostly there. I emptied my mind as best I could and focused on my breathing, but a consistent yoga practice makes you do something that might be really uncomfortable at first.

It changes your posture. 

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