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10 Blogging Tips for Creating a Soulful Online Space

Blogging has changed so much since I first started in 2008. Back then, it was less about site design, SEO, and sponsorships. There are still plenty of hobby bloggers out there, but blogging is big business, and if you Google “blogging tips,” you’ll find hundreds of thousands of posts about how to be successful. There are more ways than ever to make a little money, or even a full-time salary. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach, though, and for lots of new and even veteran bloggers, the scale at which the industry is growing can be overwhelming and even demoralizing.

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The Art of Slow Writing

We live in a culture that values speed, quickness, and urgency.

So too, our writing has undergone this stretching in recent years, a moving away from the rhythms and pace of our own spirit towards strangling yet intoxicating internet voices shouting “Create three insanely useful blog posts every week!” “Go viral!” “Do what everyone else is doing!” “Don’t. Take. A. Day. Off. (Or your traffic will plummet.)”

It’s all enormously stressful and confusing for the inspired writer who simply wants to share what’s in her soul, when it feels good. Not because she’s done deep research into Google analytics and discovered the most popular time on her blog is Wednesday evening at 5:36 p.m., or because a well-meaning entrepreneur taught her how to do keyword research to find out what her audience really wants.

No, because she’s been thinking about something for a while now, rolling thoughts over in her mind the way you suck on a sunflower seed before spitting out the shell.

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