3 Ways Commuting Can Enhance your Creativity

3 Ways Commuting Can Enhance Your Creativity

I once spent a stretch of my career commuting two hours round trip, often sitting in traffic on the afternoon drive, lamenting the lost hours I could have been writing. 

It made me angry, cranky, and tired, mostly.  

I was frustrated for months before I decided to do something about it. Isn't that usually the way it goes? We reach the end of our rope, and finally decide to use our strength to climb back up.

This was my turning point, because once I shifted my outlook, everything changed.

Why Complaining Stifles Your Productivity

Commuting is a reality for many of us. It’s easier to complain and wish our circumstances were different, but scrunching your shoulders while you drive, or allowing yourself to be bitter while holding your arm on a pole in the subway isn’t serving your creative life. In fact, it does just the opposite, because a negative attitude depletes your mental energy.

@@Instead of complaining, view your commute as time you can control.@@

Start by allowing yourself the space to acknowledge your circumstances. Is it ideal? Probably not. Should you spend your waking hours dwelling on it? Probably not. Making peace with your daily commute is the first step in controlling how you spend the precious time.

Next, make a plan. There are a variety of ways commuting can serve you creatively (take a look at the list below), you just need to shift your mindset to embrace this time as a tool.

Stop using the word can’t. I can’t paint on my commute. I can’t sketch on my commute. I can’t write on my commute. This might be true, but there are many things you can do, so ask yourself this question:

What can I accomplish during my commute that I wouldn’t have space for otherwise?

How to be Creative on a Commute

Although a commute doesn’t allow you to sit at your desk and write, it does offer certain advantages. An hour-long bus ride is quiet time perfect for reading. A thirty mile drive is free of distractions from your home life, perfect for problem solving.

Here are a few ways to make your commute work for you.

1. Educate

Don’t be idle during your commute. Put a book on tape into your car’s stereo, listen to a podcast, or learn a new language. If you’re not driving, read!

2. Problem Solve

When you’re in a creative rut or stalled on your latest project, it helps to distance yourself. Stepping away physically and using your commute time to think through obstacles can often lead to insights that will keep you motivated over the long-term.

3. Daydream

When we’re sitting at a desk or meeting with clients all day, we don’t have time to let our minds wander. Commuting is an ideal space for this kind of thinking to to take place. Without the distractions of email, meetings, or the phone ringing, this is your time to think big, brainstorm a new project, and set intentions for your day.

Regardless of your circumstance, it always helps to stay positive. Being intentional about your commute will reframe what’s possible during the hours you spend on the road. You might be surprised at what can be accomplished.

I’d love to hear your strategies for staying creative during a commute. Share your experiences in the comments!