+ Writer
+ Author
+ Tea Drinker
+ Lover of: musicals, strawberries, and the sea

First things first. If you're craving community, more time to write, and squares of dark chocolate, you're in the right place. 

I'm Nicole Gulotta, a writer, author, editor, and content developer.

Most days you can find me sipping tea, reading The New York Times food section, stretching in yoga class, and falling asleep at night with a book in my hand.

My superpower is being a strategic thinker and top-notch planner while simultaneously unleashing my empathy streak.

I’m an encourager to the core, so I spend a lot of time helping fellow writers make space for it all—creativity, work, family, and rest. I’m also known for helping self-proclaimed “non-poetry” people fall in love with verse.

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