Hi, I'm Nicole. And I believe your story is worth telling. The only question is, what's stopping you?


First things first. If you're craving community, more time to write, and squares of dark chocolate, you're in the right place. 

I'm Nicole Gulotta, a writer, author, and content developer.

A few things you should know: I'm fueled by tea, poetry, and optimism, mostly. At my core I'm an encourager. My mind sees the big picture, but my heart leads with empathy. 

I believe nourishment, body and soul, is non-negotiable, and you can often find me exploring the intersection between writing and wellness. 

As creatives, as women, and as mothers, it's essential we take care of ourselves if we're going to produce anything lasting in this world and have energy to create, care for others, and live a life that feels whole, writing included.

An important aspect of my work is helping fellow writers balance work and creativity and create a sustainable writing practice.

What does this look like? 

Removing emotional obstacles, starting projects that nourish the soul (like blogs, books, and online communities), and applying the same professional development mindset from their careers to their writing life.

My first book, Eat This Poem: A Literary Feast of Recipes Inspired by Poetry, was published in March 2017. (I wrote the manuscript over a period of two years, mostly during lunch breaks from my day job. It was inspired by my blog of the same name, which I've written since 2012.



Nulla porttitor accumsan tincidunt. Pellentesque in ipsum id orci porta dapibus.

- pablo picasso


In the past decade, I've worn many hats including grantmaker, fundraiser, program manager, event planner, content developer, social media guru, and digital marketer.

But really, I’m in the business of storytelling. 

Elsewhere, I'm a columnist for Life & Thyme Magazineand my work has been featured in Remedy Quarterly, Positive Writer, Christian Science Monitor, and numerous guest posts.

I'm always looking for a good story and a good meal. Currently, you can find me eating my way through Los Angeles, where I live with my husband, son, and French bulldog.