Hi there

First things first. If you're craving community, more time to write, and squares of dark chocolate, you're in the right place. 

I'm Nicole Gulotta, a writer, author, and content developer.

A few things you should know: I'm fueled by tea, poetry, and optimism, mostly. At my core I'm an encourager. My mind sees the big picture, but my heart leads with empathy. 

I believe nourishment, body and soul, is non-negotiable, and you can often find me exploring the intersection between writing and wellness. 

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For the past ten years, I have been helping people rent, buy, and sell homes. With a background in economics and communications, I have a thorough understanding of the real estate market and know what it takes to champion a client’s needs.

Whether you’re renting a co-op or buying a mansion, I can help you price property, negotiate deals, qualify buyers, run credit checks, acquire financing, pass boards, find contractors, and more.